“I thought it was very well-done, especially because it didn’t require the listener to have a particular attachment to the hymn in order to appreciate the piece.”– Nathan Skinner, Music Director, Park Street Church. (on Great Is Thy Faithfulness arrangement)

“We received so many positive comments, I know the congregation felt blessed.”
– Matthew Fritz, musician, Park Street Church. (on Great Is Thy Faithfulness arrangement)

“It was simple, but not simplistic.”
– Dan Verrengia, Minister, Park Street Church. (on Meditation on Two Children’s Hymns)

“You did all the work. We just got to perform the beautiful notes. Thank you!”
– Susan Porr, musician, Park Street Church. (on Laudate Dominum arrangement)

“That is great!  I love it – a terrific song performed in a fresh way.”
– Gordon Hugenberger, Senior Minister, Park Street Church. (on Swing Low, Sweet Chariot arrangement)

“Thank you so much for sharing this, Ruth!  I am enjoying it right now, allowing the sweet, sweet music melt and wash away the worries and concerns of this day while refreshing and uplifting my spirit.”
– Patrick Chen, Minister, Park Street Church. (on My Jesus, I Love Thee arrangement)

“Your creative, very upbeat arrangement gave the wonderful song new meaning for us.”
– Russell D. J., Atlanta, GA (on My Jesus, I Love Thee arrangement)

“I enjoyed listening to My Jesus, I Love Thee (and I also listened again to Great Is Thy Faithfulness, with the strings, which I loved when I heard it in church!)  I would be happy to have the PDF files for the two pieces that are available — I love Deep River, too — and I can print them out myself…”
– Ruth S., congregant, Park Street Church

“What a wonderful blessing the music was… Both the arrangement and the music itself was just fantastic in every way!!! Thank you so much.”
– Chris Sherwood, Minister, Park Street Church. (on Stand Up for Jesus arrangement)

“Your music has such pure and clear melody. I love it.”
– Saehee C., composer/music teacher, Boston, MA. (on Christmas Day Is Here)

“So beautifully written for children’s voices.”
– Norina R., voice instructor, Boston, MA. (on Christmas Day Is Here)

“My daughter told me on Sunday that the choir got to hear the music and start learning the melody. She said it sounded very cool and she’s excited to sing it!”
– Michael Yee, lyricist for Within Your Sanctuary, Boston, MA. (on Within Your Sanctuary)

“The music is perfect for the documentary. Very, very appropriate.”
– Ken D., Santa Barbara, CA. (on music for the 200 Years of Park Street Church documentary)

“The music fits very well, a great combination of movement and thoughtfulness, which is just what I was hoping for.”
– Jeff Schuliger, Minister, Park Street Church. (on music for a church video)

“What a strong piece of music this is! Brassy, bold, and moving…  And of course the accompanying photos in the slide show are spectacular. A truly inspired creation!”
– David O., Boston, MA. (on Fanfare for the Son of Man)

– Lynn W., South Egremont, MA. (on Fanfare for the Son of Man)

“…it was fantastic, made me cry…”
– Hye-seon D., congregant, Park Street Church. (on Ave verum Corpus arrangement)

“…what a terrific piece!”
– Mary C., Boston, MA. (on A Little Witch Music)

“Thanks so much for the cd – it is fabulous – such a happy piece – I listen to it often in my car.”
– Cheryl C., Boston, MA. (on A Red Sox Parade)

“Your arrangement was sensational and is truly one of the highlight of the concerts.”
– Laurie Russell, Director, Winchester Community Music School (on an arrangement of songs by the Beatles)